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Brisbane History Timeline 1823 to 1859

1820s 1830s 1840s 1850s

Brisbane and Moreton Bay Settlement timeline is indexed to a historical reference "In the Early Days" via the hyperlinks which sometime appear with the events. The actual story headline appears in brackets.


March - Pamphlet, Finnigan, and party left Sydney.

October 16 - Lieutenant Oxley received instructions from Governor Brisbane to search for new penal establishment.

October 23 - Oxley left Sydney in search of new depot.

November 25 - Oxley anchored in Moreton Bay.

December 2 - Oxley discovered the river Brisbane.


September 2 - Settlement founded by Oxley at Redcliffe.

September 12 - Convicts landed at Redcliffe. (Humpybong)

November 4 - Penal Settlement removed from Redcliffe to Edenglassie - the first name given to Brisbane.(Founding of Brisbane)

November 10 - Governor Brisbane left Sydney on visit to Moreton Bay.

November 23 - Governor Brisbane arrived in Moreton Bay (Brisbane's Visit).

December - Commissariat (now Colonial) stores built (Early Architecture)


September 1 - Major Lockyer left Sydney in the Mermaid for Moreton Bay.

September 6 - Lockyer arrived in the Bay.

September 10 - Lockyer, with Captain Bishop and Lieutenant Miller, left on excursion up

the river.

September 20 - Lockyer named Redbank from the colour of the soil.

September 28 - Lockyer discovered either the Bremer or the Lockyer - there is a doubt


November - Captain Logan appointed Commandant Moreton Bay (Captain Logan).


Discovery of Logan River by Logan.

December 19 - Death of Governor Brisbane. Limestone named by Logan (Discovery of Ipswich).


May 14 - 300 prisoners located at Moreton Bay.

June 5 - Darling Downs discovered by Allan Cunningham.

June 5 - Logan found coal at Limestone.

June - Governor Darling visited Brisbane and was unfavourably impressed with the site, believing that Stradbroke Island would be better.

July 16 - Stradbroke. Dunwich, and Logan River proclaimed.

Convict Hospital built.


Prisoners' barracks, military barracks built (Old Bumbles Workshop).

September 18 - Rev. J. Vincent appointed chaplain.


Windmill (present Observatory) commenced,

June 24 - Governor Darling reported that he would shift Settlement nearer the bay, as the water was bad and sickness common at Moreton Cay.


April 17 - Pop. Moreton Bay, 1000 convicts, 100 soldiers. Female factory built (The Home on the Hill).

October 9 - Captain Logan left Settlement on an exploring trip.

October 17 -Captain Logan last seen alive by his men..

October 28 - Captain Logan's body found (Death of the Tyrant).


December- Captain Clunie appointed Commandant Moreton Bay.


April 12 - Hunter Steamship Navigation Company (afterwards Q.S.N. Company) formed in Sydney.


Captain Foster Fyans appointed Commandant Moreton Bay.


March 28 - Visit of Messrs. Backhouse and Walker, Quakers, to Moreton Bay (Walker and Backhouse)


August - Arrival of first steamer in Moreton Bay, the James Watt, bringing Petrie family.(The First Steamer)

November 5 - Governor Bourke expressed himself as favourable to closing Moreton Bay and of reducing the number of prisoners to 300-all short sentence men. The maize grown at Moreton Bay he valued at £1046 , and the cost per head per annum £13.


March - German mission established: eleven men, eight women, eleven children.

March - Arrival of Dr. Ballow in Brisbane.

November 2 - Fast in New South Wales owing to drought.


May 21 - Convict settlement broken up (Home of the Freeman).

June 27 - Allan Cunningham died in Sydney.

July 1 - All convicts except thirty-nine men removed.


May 14 - Murder of Surveyor Staplyton and assistant Tuck on the Logan (Murder of Staplyton).

June - Schooner John commenced to open up trade between Moreton Bay and Sydney, John Williams, owner (Bold Speculators).

June 4 - Patrick Leslie with assigned servant Peter Murphy and other convicts formed first settlement on Darling Downs.

August 12 - First pack bullocks took supplies to the Downs from Brisbane.

October 19 - First dray taken through Cunningham's Gap.


January 17 - Great flood Ipswich and Brisbane.

May 14 - Trial of blacks for murder of Staplyton and Tuck in Sydney-found guilty and

sent to Brisbane.

July 2 - First execution Brisbane at Windmill (Observatory) for murder of Staplyton and Tuck. (The First Execution)


January 27 - News received in Settlement that Moreton Bay would be thrown open to free settlers.

January 27 - Arrival first Hunter River Steam Navigation Co.'s steamer (Pioneer Shipping Company).

March 24 - Governor Gipps visited Brisbane (Gipps Visit).

May 4 - Andrew Petrie, Henry Stuart Russell and two other gentlemen started on trip Wide Bay district.

May 4 - Moreton Bay thrown open to selection (Settlement thrown open).

May 7 - Mr. Petrie's party found Wandi (The Runaway Convict Bracefield).

May 17 (about)- Mr. Petrie discovered Mary River. (Discovery of the River Mary)

May 20 - Found the runaway Duramboi (The Finding of James Davis).

June - Moreton Bay defined.

July - First sale Moreton Bay lands in Sydney: 13.5 acres realised £4037 10s (The First Land Sale).

November 14 - Captain Wickham appointed police-magistrate.


June 23 - First election for Moreton Bay Alex. McLeay returned (We Are Included in a Constituency).

August 9 - First sale of Moreton Bay lands conducted in Brisbane (First Land Sale in Brisbane).

October 11 - First sale of Ipswich land at Ipswich.

Coal found by Andrew Petrie at Redbank (Mr Petries Excursions) ; John Williams ran first ferry between Russell-street and Colonial Stores (The First Ferry) ; boiling down establishment opened at Kangaroo Point (Plucky Pioneers).


January 10 - Heavy flood Ipswich.

March 19 - Captain Freeman while coming from Sydney in schooner William discovered the channel which now bears his name.

April - First indignation meeting held in Brisbane to protest against squatting regulations (Indignation Meeting).

August - Leichhardt left Sydney on Port Essington Expedition.

October 1 - Leichhardt left Jimbour station.


March 29 - Leichhardt returned to Sydney from Port Essington.

May 13 - Moreton Bay made a port of entry (Early Customs History).

June 11 - Governor Gipps left Sydney for England (An Unpopular Governor).

June 17 - First race meeting at New Farm (Early Racing Days).

June 20. - Moreton Bay Courier first published (The Birth of the Courier).

June 30 - First steamer, the Experiment, ran between Brisbane and Ipswich (An Unprofitable Experiment).

June 30 - First census taken-population, including Darling Downs, 2258 (The First Census).

July 13 - Arrival of first Customs officer-W. A. Duncan.

July 20 - Moreton Bay defined.

August 2 - Governor Fitzroy arrived in Sydney (Sir Charles Fitzroy).

September - Dr. Lang left Sydney for England on his famous immigration crusade.

October 20 - Murder Mr. Gregor and Mrs. Shannon by blacks at the Pine(Gregor and Shannon Murder).

November 18 - Colony of North Queensland proclaimed. Leichhardt left back country on last expedition.


January 2 - Courts of petty sessions for districts of Moreton Bay, Ipswich, Cressbrook, and Darling Downs gazetted. (A Prosperous New Year)

March 1 - Surveyor Burnett left Brisbane intending to trace the Boyne to its source ;unsuccessful.

March 11 - Wreck of the Sovereign (The Wreck of the Soverign).

April - Discovery of a road over the range to southern end of Downs (A Road Over The Range).

April 24 - First theatre opened by George Croft in Russell-street, South Brisbane (First Theatre).

April 24 - Plan of northern entrance of Moreton Bay completed (A Road Over The Range).

May 15 - First schooner built here launched; christened Selina by Miss Petrie (The Ship that Never Returned).

May 20 - Annual race New Farm (An Incident of Old New Farm).

July 20 -Surveyor Burnett made second and successful attempt to trace Boyne (Burnett) and Wide Bay (Mary) Rivers. (Burnett and the Mary)

September 11 - Murder of two sawyers at North Pine (Murder of Sawyers at the North Pine).

December 8 - Oddfellows' lodge opened Brisbane


January 20 - Steamer Experiment foundered at wharf. (Experiment Flounders at Wharf)

January 22 - Rev. John Gregor drowned at Gorman Station.

January 20 - First regatta held on the Brisbane (January 26th Regatta)

March 27 - Discovery of horrible murder at Sutton's Hotel, Kangaroo Point (An Awful Crime).

April 1 - Leichhardt last heard of.

April 29 - Kennedy sailed on last expedition from Sydney.

June 2 - First mails despatched to Ipswich by steamer.

June 3 - Bishop Tyrell visited Moreton Bay (Visit of the Right Rev. William Tyrell).

June 20 - Letter sent to board of directors Union Bank asking them to establish a branch at Brisbane. (We Want A Bank)

June 21 - First races hold at Drayton (Toowoomba).

June 23 - Military recalled from Moreton Bay.

July 4 - Execution William Fife in Sydney for Kangaroo Point murder.

August 22 - Colonel Snodgrass returned from Moreton Bay and other districts.

October 20 - Selina found water-logged in Keppel Bay (A Mystery Solved).

November 26 - Arrival of J. C. Bidwell, first land commissioner for Wide Bay.

November 27 - Arrival sixty Chinese shepherds per Nimrod (Chinese immigrants arrived in the Nimrod).

November 28 - Post office box at South Brisbane established (Ever Growing).

December 13 - Arrival of Artemesia, first Government immigrant ship, in Moreton Bay (Arrival of the Artemisia).


January - Surveyor Burnett laid out town ship of Drayton.

January 6 - News received of Californian goldfield (The Exodus to California).

January20 - Arrival of Fortitude, Moreton Bay (The Fortitude).

January 23 - Post Office established at Maryborough, the name being given on this


February 3 - First Brisbane Gaol completed (female factory).

February 7 - First, batch of Fortitude folk brought up to Brisbane

February 8 - Death of Dick Ben, notorious aboriginal.

February 18 - Rev. Charles Stewart conducted first service in old court-house.

February 19 -Thanksgiving service for safe arrival of Fortitude in old court-house.

February 24 - Site present Custom house approved (Signs of the Times).

March 7 - Site of present St. John's Pro-cathedral granted.

March 10 - First Wesleyan Methodist Church erected in Albert Street

March 21 - Rev. Charles Stewart appointed minister United Presbyterian Church.

March 21 - Brisbane made a free warehousing port.

May 1 - Chaseley arrived in Moreton Bay (Dr Langs second ship - Chaseley).

May 8 - Establishment of first Temperance Society.

May 13 - Rev. Kingsford conducted first service at Ipswich.

.May 14 - Rev. Kingsford accepted call from Ipswich Presbyterians.

June 20 - Arrival of forty-five convicts by the Hashemy. (The Resumption of Transportation)

August 1 - Arrival of thirty, orphans girls from Sydney.

August 20 - Branch Lodge, Sydney District, G.U.O.O.F., established in Ipswich.

September 18 - Execution of Owen Molloy in Sydney for the murder of John Leonard, . Oxley Creek.

September 24 - Brisbane School of Arts established.

October 11 - Warner's plan of road to Bremer, via North Brisbane, sent to Sydney for


November 1 - Arrival Mount Stuart Elphinstone with 225 convicts (Locking the Door Too Late).

November 3 - Lima arrived in Moreton Bay (Locking the Door Too Late).

November 13 - Great anti-transportation meeting held in Brisbane (Great Anti-transportation Meeting).

November 13 -Detachment 11th Regiment took up their quarters in old barracks. Erection of Catholic Church commenced.

December 6 - Windmill submitted to auction; knocked down at £30 (The Old Landmark).

December 11 - Brisbane Gaol proclaimed.

December 18 - Launch of steamer Hawk at South Brisbane.


February 11 - Circuit Court, Brisbane, proclaimed (One of the Necessities of Civilization).

February 28 - First letter carrier appointed; salary £30.

April 20 - Custom-house completed.

April 30 - Bangalore, last exile ship, arrived Moreton Bay. (Great Anti-transportation Meeting)

May 1 - Arrival of 108 Chinese shepherds in Favourite.

May 10 - Tender accepted to build bridge at Breakfast Creek (Local Topics 1850s).

May 12 - Service held first time in new Catholic Church.

May 18 - First Circuit Court held Brisbane (One of the Necessities of Civilization).

May 14 - Survey of Cleveland sent to Sydney.

May 15 - Wagner and Fitzgerald sentenced to death for murder of James Marsden at Wide Bay.(One of the Necessities of Civilization)

May 20 - Meeting North Brisbane re National System of Education.

May 20 - Meeting South Brisbane re National System of Education.

July 8 - Foundation stone of St. John's laid.

July 8 - Execution Wagner and Fitzgerald (One of the Necessities of Civilization).

July 11 - Military withdrawn from Moreton Bay

July 15 - Moreton Bay Quarantine Station (Dunwich) proclaimed.

July - Grant of £150 towards establishing National School at South Brisbane.

July 10 - Moreton Bay Free Press first published (Our Second Newspaper).

July 29 - Arrival of first dray (empty) from Wivenhoe to North Brisbane.

July 31 - First land sale in Ipswich, Drayton, Warwick.

August 8 - Arrival of ship Emigrant, typhus on board ; forty deaths (A Death Ship)

September 5 - Marriage Mr. John Petrie with Miss McNaught.

September 20 - Death Dr. Ballow at Quarantine Station. (A Death Ship)

September 30 - Tender accepted erection Dr. Lang's church.

October 7 - Launch of steamer Swallow by Captain Winship.

October 13 - Severe hailstorm.

November 11 - First bank opened in Brisbane.

December 18 - Cleveland township proclaimed.


January 8 - First separation meeting held in Brisbane (Separation Meeting).

January 12 - Mail robbery at Bundamba (In and About).

February 2 - Maryborough township established.

February 10 - Departure of Rebecca first wool, ship direct from Moreton Bay.

March 1 - Second census taken ; pop., 8575.

April 13 - United Evangelical Chapel, William street, opened.

May 7 - Moreton Bay Amateur Musical Society established.

May 12 - Affray between whites and Chinese at Ipswich. One killed, eleven injured.

May 28 - News arrived Brisbane of Bathurst gold diggings. (The Discovery of Gold at Bathurst)

July 23 - Party made first trip overland Cabbage-tree Creek to Brisbane.

September 8 - Francis Briggs elected for Pastoral districts, Moreton Bay, Wide Bay, Burnett and Maranoa. (Further Electoral Concessions)

September 11 - J. Richardson returned for county of Stanley (Further Electoral Concessions).

September 12 - Richard Jones returned for Stanley Boroughs (Conservative Ipswich).

October 7 - School of Arts opened.

October 18 - Pearls found at Caloundra.

November 8 - Arrival Duke of Roxburgh with 227 Chinese.

185 2

March 4 - Meeting held Brisbane to petition to Queen for direct emigration.

March 20 - Expedition search Leichhardt left Gowrie station.

April 11 - Heavy floods Brisbane and Ipswich.

April 17 - Thomas King wrecked on Cato's Bank.

April 20 - Jane Ellis, wife of warder, sent for two years for hanging servant girl up by arms, and for other cruelties,

April 24 - Visit of Hardgreaves (Bathurst fame) at Darling Downs.

April 20 - Swallow made initial trip to Cabbage tree Creek.

May 17 - Arrival of survivors Thomas King in Brisbane.

May 24 - Gold found at Bingera ; caused rush.

June 27 - Murder Halloran (shepherd) at McGrath's, Pine River.

July 4 - Arrival Maria Soames ; 281 emigrants.

July 30 - Dr. Allan (surgeon Argyll), first mate, and immigrant drowned off Dunwich.

August 11 - Arrival Meridian; 284 immigrants.

September 10 - Burnett's plan of Sandgate sent Sydney for approval.

September 10 - Arrival Rajahigonanl, 351 immigrants; fifteen deaths influenza mid typhus.

September 24 - Bingora declared a duffer by returned fossickers.

October 30 - Influenza epidemic Brisbane.

November 10 - Death of Richard Jones, member Stanley Boroughs.

November 15 - Tinkabed, blackfellow, sent six years for outrage at Cash's North Pine.


January 1 - Captain Wickham appointed Government Resident.

January 1 - Courier enlarged.

January 10 - Arrival Parsee ; 493 immigrants.

January 10 - Arrival America ; 825 immigrants.

February 14 - Election R. J. Smith for Bigge's seat.

February 20 - Arrival Agrícola; 210 immigrants.

March 10 - Death of Mr. Bidwell, commissioner Crown lands, Wide Bay.

March 25 - Arrival nine notorious Norfolk Island convicts in Moreton Bay (Notorious Norfolk Island Convicts).

April 1 - Two Norfolk Island convicts brought to Brisbane.

April 12 - Steamer New Orleans from Europe via Torres Straits in Moreton Bay (Steamship New Orleans).

April 25 - Arrival Florentina; 245 immigrants.

May 4 - Other Norfolk Island convicts captured near Brisbane.

May 20 - 5th and 6th section Native Police in Brisbane.

June 7 - Branch Union Bank Australia opened in Brisbane,

June 11 - Arrival John Fieldon; 306 immigrants.

June 15 - Strike of sawyers.

June 80 - Pettigrew's mill started.

July 5 - Brisbane Exchange opened.

August 6 - Death John Gamie at Ipswich.

September 20 - Branch Bank New South Wales opened Ipswich.

October 8 - Capture Thos, Haywood, alias Anderson, bushranger,

October 31 - Wreck of Countess of Derby, South Passage, bound for Cleveland.

November 9 and 10 - Sale Sandgate, Cleveland Brisbane lands ; realised £15,000.

November 10 - Escape of Sippey, notorious black murderer (Police and Prisoners).

December 3 - Outrage on "Tom" Dowse at Sandgate (Old Tom's Attempt to Civilize Sandgate).


January 10 - Courier, ship, 280 tons, burnt at Cleveland.

January 22 - Murder Stephen Swords at Kangaroo Point (Kangaroo Pointers Again).

January 27 - First shipment of cotton from Brisbane.

March 5 - Swallow sunk at South Brisbane wharf.

March 20 - Arrival Governor Fitzroy in Calliope in Moreton Bay (Visit of Governor Fitzroy).

March 23 - Official entry into Brisbane.

March 30 - Police informed magistrates that unless pay was increased they would resign.

April 1 - Robert Graham and Co. abandoned Cleveland store (The Misfortune of Cleveland Point).

April 28 - Hodgson-Lang election ; latter returned majority nine.

May 10 - Gazehound, first ship loaded at wharf left direct for London.

May 25 - Capture of Dundalli.

May 23 - New election Lang-Hodgson, latter returned on casting vote.

June 17 - Death of Brown, last of Newcastle tribe.

July 18 - Death of J. C. Burnett, surveyor.

August 22 - Execution of Davey for murder of Trevethan Wide Bay (Another Execution in Queen Street).

August 10 - Now election Lang-Hodgson ; former returned one vote.

October 29 - Consecration of St. John's by Bishop of Newcastle.

November 21 - Dundalli sentenced to death. .

December 10 - News fall Sebastopol received Brisbane (Glorious News).

December 20 - John Fahey, runaway convict, eleven years at large, captured at Bunya (Another Runaway Convict).

December - Death of Bungaree, educated, black.


January 6 - Dundalli executed in Queen-street (Death of the Notorious Dundalli).

March 8 - Meeting St. John's parishioners to protest against offertory (Church Troubles).

July 8 - Pettigrew's mill destroyed by fire.

August 12 - Gregory expedition sailed Moreton Bay.

October 2 - North Australian newspaper established Ipswich.

November 21 - Wreck of Venus with 250 tons sugar in Freeman's Channel (A Wreck in Freemans Channel).

November 25 - Death of Captain J. S. Barney.

December 20 - Fitzroy River navigated.


January 20 - Site for Goodna Village fixed.

January 21 - First Circuit Court before Judge Milford.

March 1 - Tenders called for Cape Moreton Lighthouse.

March 18 - Macalister's first address to electors.

April 7 - First election under new Constitution (Elections Under the Constitution Act).

May 5 - Phoebe Dunbar went ashore near Amity with 270 immigrants.

May 6 - Brig Maria took first shipment sheep and cattle to New-Caledonia (The New Caledonian Trade).

June 21 - Arrival of Persia ; 250 immigrants.

November 20 - Great separation meeting Brisbane (Separation Meeting).

December 10 - Gregory expedition returned to Brisbane.


April 15 - Moreton Bay Supreme Court formally opened by Justice Milford.

May 19 - Great floods Brisbane and Ipswich.

September 20 - Labouchere's positive separation despatch arrived Moreton Bay

October 27 - Hornet Bank outrage; eleven murdered by blacks.


January 31 - The Leviathan launched.

March 4 - Gregory expedition left settled districts search Leichhardt.

June 11 - D. D. Gazette first published.

June 13 - Rev. T. Binney visited Moreton Bay.

July 9 - First announcement of gold discovery on the Fitzroy.

July 22 - Rush to Fitzroy commenced.

July 25 - Opening Presbyterian Church, Ann-street.

July 28 - Gregory's last expedition returned to Adelaide.

September 12 - Arrival of Rev. B. G. Wilson Brisbane.

October 1 - Return rush from Fitzroy commenced.

October 7 - Flood at Ipswich.

October 8 - Rockhampton made a port of entry.

October 10 - Erection of Petrie Terrace Gaol commenced.

October 25 - Foundation stone Roman Catholic Church, Ipswich, laid.

October 27 - First Municipality Act (N.S.W.) assented to.

November 17 and 18 - First sale Rockhampton land (at Sydney).

December 19 - Meeting at Ipswich to petition for creation of municipality.

December 25 - Pugh's Almanac- first published.


February 6 - Wharf Street Baptist Church opened.

February 22 - Judge Lutwyche sworn in and gazetted.

March 8 - Arrival of Judge Lutwyche in Brisbane.

July 4 - Ipswich Herald first published.

August 20 - Brisbane erected Roman Catholic See ; Bishop O'Quinn.

September 7 - Municipality of Brisbane proclaimed. First Council : John Petrie (mayor) Patrick Mayne, T. B. Stephens, Joshua Jeays, A, J. Hockings, Edmondstone, R. Cribb, George Warren, and W.S. Sutton.

October 12 - Circuit Court proclaimed Ipswich, Drayton, and Maryborough.

October 20 - Terrific hailstorm Brisbane.

December 10 - Queensland Separation Day.

December 31 - Estimated population of Queensland 25,050.

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