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Brisbane Then and Now Pictorial Introduction

The links to the side of this menu take you to a set of images of Brisbane streetscapes from what was then and how it looks now. The historical images span the period from 1870 to 1900. It takes the form of a slide show of images where the past and present are combined so that comparisons can be made of each.

The images are indexed into Brisbane streets so that if you were to find images of Queen Street you would click the link 'Mary to William' streetscape page. In certain streetscape pairs, you will notice buildings which still exist today. In others, total transformation has taken place.

The images have a description of where the photograph was taken and in what direction the camera is facing. The street name is given along with an intersection denoted by 'Cnr'.

If the photograph is taken directly on the intersection the intersecting street is named. If the photograph is not taken at the intersection then the intersecting street is the one behind the camera.

Either click the corresponding menu or click on the links to view the individual sets of Brisbane in the past:

Adelaide to Ann Street

Ann to Edward Street

Edward to George Street

Queen to William Street

There is approximately 8 to 9 sets of photographs per page at approx 5 seconds viewing time. It therefore takes about 50 seconds to view the full set.

Brisbane Past and Present slide show of photos