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Brisbane History - A History of Old Brisbane to 1900

Brisbane History is the history of Brisbane Qld in a pictorial and narrative format. Brisbane History web site contains old Brisbane photos and historic narratives which depict Brisbane city history from when it was founded as a penal colony in 1824 until its federation into the nation of Australia.

The website is divided into many sections which encompass all facets of Brisbane History:

Images section contains images of old street maps of Brisbane with imbedded links to the State Library of Queensland's digital image database of old photos of Brisbane. The Panorama section contains wide ranging panoramas of old Brisbane and depicts early Brisbane with named landmarks.   There is a series of panoramas taken from Wickham Terrace depicting the changing face of early Brisbane. The Now and Then section displays photographs of streetscapes of the current era contrasted against early Brisbane photos. 

Early Days tells the history of Brisbane when part of New South Wales prior to white settlement along with the convict era and the period prior to statehood.

Memories section is a number of reminiscences by people who lived in Brisbane during this period. These stories paint a picture of the geographical nature and living conditions which prevailed in old Brisbane during this period.

Potpourri a mixture of miscellaneous stories of events that shaped Brisbane history. Some are of a macabre nature.

People section contains stories of early settlers who were instrumental in the foundation of Brisbane.   Covers the procession of Queensland Governors as well as the professions such as Law and Medicine.

Buildings section is the history behind many city landmark buildings and which are still in existence today as well as those that do not exist due to progress.  

Districts  contains interesting stories of some of Brisbane's districts. The story behind Brisbane's expansion

Structures section details the history behind landmark roads, railways and bridges.